About Me

Hello There ;)

As you may have noticed, I have a rather unhealthy obsession with the word, (not the color), Brown. Pair that up with an intense passion for reading and BOOM-- The Brown Book Blog is created.

For those of you looking to know about me personally, here's a CliffsNotes version of who I am:

-My name is Sarah, though I prefer to be called Rooney.
- As stated above, I love the word brown. It's just so magical.
- I'm 16 years old and studying through an academic program known as IB.
- I love reading. Most often I read young adult novels, though many of my most treasured books are classics that have nothing to do with the Y.A genre.
- I've just recently been made a staff member for a local teen newspaper.
- I'm a devoted Theater Kid. I will never speak of the Scottish play back-stage.
-Key Club rules.
- I don't bite. I promise.